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  • New horizon mall – All concrete work successfully completed in June 2017.
  • ATCO Commercial centre – Construction completed in 2017. Some elements require revision to incorporate minor practicality-based changes.
  • Skypointe Senior’s Community – 95% of the concrete work finished in May 2017. Pours for entrance canopies etc. make the other 5% of the work that remains. Design of phase 2 (commercial complex) commenced in June 2017.
  • MGH Assisted Facility – First set of footings poured this month (July 2017). Second pour to follow end of July 2017.
  • Bethany Riverview – Construction complete. No more structural inspections required.
  • INK – Main floor slab poured in first week of Aug 2017.
  • Taylor residence, Hawthorn Hotel, Cineplex, Buffalo Multi-residential development – Construction expected to be completed by Winter 2017
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