Design Philosophy

Experiences: For more than thirty years MMP Engineering has been dedicated in structural design for all types of building in North America and Asia including high wind load and major seismic load regions with complicated soil conditions.

Strong technical knowledge: Highly-skilled structural engineers with MMP understand not only structural theory but all the processes of design and construction. MMP solutions are targeted on designing structures of economy and elegance to realize architects’ and clients’ ambitions on a fast-tracked basis.

Choice of proper floor system: It is very important to choose a proper structural floor system complying both architectural requirements and structural adequacy and at the same time providing an economic solution. MMP Engineering performs extensive analysis and design work to workout most appropriate structural floor system. Well-recognized design software (for example ADOSS, SAFE, ADAPT etc.) will be used to achieve such effective floor systems.

Choice of lateral load resisting system (Shear Wall): Equipped with the-state-of-the-art computer system and analytical software such as ETABS and STAAD Pro., MMP will perform a comprehensive three dimensional finite element analysis on the building structural stability incorporated with the selected floor system. Depended on the building height, the location of the seismic zone and the presence of the high wind load, MMP will recommend and optimize the lateral force resistant system to meet the national building code as well as minimize the impact on the architectural functions.

Optimum design for vertical members (Columns): MMP will go through an extensive and repeating process to propose or coordinate the column layout and then design the columns with different concrete strength, reinforcement ratio or steel encased to maximize the usable space in the unit and the amount of the parking stalls; meanwhile, MMP will make every effort to minimize the transfer beam if required.

Optimum design for Foundation: Once the gravity and lateral force are determined, MMP will carry out the foundation design based on the local soil condition. MMP will examine the cost effective and environmental impact for each foundation including all types of the deep foundation and shallow foundation. The soil improvement alternative will be also provided to control the cost.

Our approach of option study: To achieve most economical solution, MMP provide several suitable options of structure for comparison by using the most economical material. Each option will be detailed to a level that provides sufficient information for cost evaluation.

Consideration of construction issues: MMP Engineering always keeps construction issues in consideration during design phase. For example, choice of floor system is done after extensive review on formwork cost, fast erecting formwork systems (flying formwork systems).