Dr. A.K. Basak

Senior design engineer

A successful structural solution comes from in depth knowledge.


Dr. Basak has an extensive background in civil/structural engineering with in-depth exposure to various industries, including petrochemical, commercial/residential/institutional buildings, pulp and paper, mining and metallurgy, materials handling and offshore drilling facilities.

His experience encompasses advanced structural analysis and design of steel, concrete and timber structures with particular expertise in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, including concrete foundations and steel support structures for vibrating equipment, wind effects and seismic assessment, and the design of buildings, towers and bridges.

Dr. Basak has been associated with major international engineering consulting firms where he held various technical and supervisory positions in the design and construction of multi-million dollar projects. His international experience includes projects in Australia, Chile, France, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa with overseas assignment in Korea.


Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Concordia University, Montreal 1977-1979
Ph.D., Civil/Structural Engineering, University of Allahabad, India 1977
Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Member, Institute of Structural Engineers (India), and Institution of Engineers (India)
Member, Committee on Dynamic Analysis of Nuclear Structures, ASCE
Member, Committee on Methods of Analysis and Design of Structures, ASCE
Member, Committee on Shock and Vibratory Effects, ASCE


Conference Papers, Technical Articles, Reports and design Standards
Dr. Basak is an internationally published author with over 15 conference papers and 6 journal articles for major engineering societies, as well as five technical committee papers and design standards (American Society of Civil Engineers), various research reports and technical reports.


Subsea Blowout Preventer Stack
Subsea Blowout Preventer Stack Control System
Floating Drilling Structure for Deepwater Operations
Riser Handling and BOP Handling System for Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration