The Company has designed all sorts of buildings:

Residential: High-rise apartments, walk-up apartments, custom homes, wood foundations, senior citizen apartments, nursing homes, hostels, hotels, and motels.

Commercial: High rise office buildings, shopping centers, automotive dealerships, funeral homes, banks, and waterslides.

Institutional: Churches, schools, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, courthouses, travel centers, mentally handicapped facilities, libraries, clubhouse recreational facilities, treatment centers, and museums.

Industrial: Warehouses, gas pants, steel fabrication plants, precast concrete plants, meat packing plants, food processing, bakeries, airplane hangers, car washes, welding shops, auto body shops, electrical substations, and control buildings (Blast resistances).

Municipal: Circular prestressed concrete water tanks, water reservoirs, hydraulic structures, sewage treatment plants, spillways, parkades, curling rink, hockey arenas, and hot spring pools.

Civil: Highway overpasses, pedestrian overpasses, overhead sign bridges, highway bridges over waterways, concrete formwork, scaffolding, underpinning, and shoring.

Miscellaneous: Mortgage inspections, building evaluations, expert witness on legal disputes, technical reports, grandstands, bleachers and investigation and repairs of post tensioned concrete structures, and parkades.

The above indicates clearly that MMP Engineering has been involved in a great variety of projects encompassing almost all phases of traditional engineering practice. The variety of building types allows us to apply solutions and ideas for almost any new structure as we can draw on the lessons of many variety of building types and variety of construction methods including steel, concrete, wood, masonry and pre-cast to name a few.